Drow Wars....

Ep 6 - ouch

On the last leg to Saragost, the party comes upon a wagon being attacked by an ogre and four goblins. Trying to save the lone survivor, the party ends up all on the ground, with Pandora dead from a 21 hit point whack by the ogre, save Mac, the smokin’ rogue, who kites the ogre to within an inch of his life, only to be felled by the ogre as it drops below zero. With the entire party out, the merchant stabilizes Domo, and Mac stabilizes on his own. The merchant coup de gras’s the bad guys, and the party recovers, only to move their horses from their carriage to the wagon, as its a shipment of arms for Saragost. Taking their dead companion along, they make their way to Saragost, and are met by a helpful captain of the guard, who escorts them into the city, only to be trapped in an ambush. With one party member already dead, Shake’ is knocked unconscious with a drow bolt, Mac is felled by the captain/traitor, and Domo by an archer…TOTAL PARTY WIPEOUT ! Luckily for the party, the goth druid Vas sees the end of the combat, and where the bodies are dumped. She recovers the bodies and takes them to the sewers, where another set of resurrection stones is located. All brought back to life, and all first level again, the party fortunately losses no items in the process. They make their way to the council, and an audience with council members proves productive, as they convince them of the coming invasion, and of Captain Serverin’s treachery. Martial law is declared, the traitorous captain put to death, and they send out troops to reinforce the other towns. They ask the party to look in on three settlements that they have lost contact with recently, and Vas asks the party to take out a settlement of goblins nearby. The party troomps out to the goblin camp, cautiously taking them out.

Ep 5 - Rush to Saragost

Managing to kill another choker at the farm house, an impasioned plea to Lichgate’s council convinces them that they need to prepare/evacuate. Receiving little useful help from Apple/Snapple Winehouse, who noone on the island has ever heard of, they move on to Scumsgrove, where they convince the Guild of Merchants to make preparations. On the road to Saragost, next they come to Churney on the Green, where they encounter a pierced elf with wolf companion, and defeat a worg who attacked that wolf. Somewhat gaining her confidence, the party convinces her of the impending invasion, and she offers to craft a Belt of Healing at cost for the party, to be sent on to a secret drop location at Saragost. Finally getting a chance to rest after the choker debacle, the party heals up and memorizes spells, to get on the road again to Hockton Barrow, where their tournament is ongoing. Mac and Domo enter the tournament, with Domo advancing to the last round. Pandora challenges a suspicious character that wins the contest, cheating in the process, but, receiving no backup, is dropped by a Sleep spell, and the suspcicious character escapes. Arrested for attacking the bad guy (what is this, America?!) she explains the situation to the constable, who releases her, and the party convinces the town to prepare for the invasion. Wasting no time, the party gets back on the road again, in their Ankeg part pimped out carriage, to Saragost. Having left Bronce three days ago, they are almost to the capital, well ahead of the 10 day invasion.

Epi 4 - Ankeg Antipathy, or...does this choker make me look fat?

Arriving at the next town of Lichgate, the party wakes the local constable, Apple Winehouse, and turns in the two highwaymen for the bounty. Providing her the warning about the coming invasion, she wakes the town council. Before they can convene, an ankeg bursts up into the town square. Bravely slowing it down with a tanglefoot bag, and piercing it with his rapier, Mac takes a major bite from the beast, killing him in one blow. After killing it, and finding what could be more evidence of the coming horde, a hand crossbow bolt that may be poisoned, Shake and Pandora return Mac to the stones to be resurrected. Domo remains behind to interface with the town council, who, despite a well placed charm, do not seem intent on moving quick to save their people. Domo also checks out a sheep problem for Apple, finding a well that has dead carcases in it. Returning with the resurrected Mac, Pandora is lowered into the well, only to be dropped by her teamates, and pounced upon by a choker. After being pulled out of the well, they lower her for a second attempt, and, thanks to a mind thrust from Domo and a well placed arrow from Apple, the choker is defeated. Finding some loot, but having almost exhausted their spells for the day, they retreat to the farmhouse for breakfast.

Episode 3

Searching the ruined church, the party finds the weapon of Starkweather John, an adamantine halberd, in tune with Pandora. Swinging by the miller on the way out of town, the smug ruffians let slip that the ghost in the mine had a slit throat, only knowable if he was there when the tax collector was killed. Father Bronson urged the party to find the evidence and bring Jim Oakenbow to justice. Searching the mine, the party found the body of the tax collector. Father summoned the constable, who asked that the party accompany him to take Jim into custody, alive. Dropping Jim with a Color Spray, and a henchmen with a well placed sneak attack, the two other ruffians surrendered, and the tax collectors loot was found after triggering a nail trap, proof that Jim was involved in his murder. With the constable taking the two into custody, and releasing the two that cooperated, the party left town to travel to Saragost, to warn of the impending invasion. On the way there, they encountered an overturned wagon, with a lady in distress. Noticing the wagon was not accidentally overturned, the party suspected a trap, and the woman and two men that were hiding, took off running. Catching up to the two men, Shake and Pandora tackled them. Shake grappled his into unconsciousness, and Domo Mind Thrusted the one Pandora tackled to within an inch of his life…only to stabilize him to keep him from dieing. Finding a wanted poster for these men in their belongings, the party decides to take them to the next town they find to turn these highwaymen over to the authorities.

Episode 1/2

The party combats four shadowy creatures that appear as they leave the standing stones. Travelling to the nearby town, they find no clues to the whereabouts of the sword, but find a set of parents searching for their lost boys. Looking for the boys, the party ends up in an abandoned mine, which contains hobgoblins, and the lost boys. Rescuing the boys and killing the hobgoblins, the party finds another passageway, leading to a crafted cavern and steps, and a scroll containing instructions for a coming invasion. After defeating an enlarged, invisible dark dwarf, the party returns to town, bringing the boys back to their parents and the the scroll to Fr. Bronson, the local cleric, for decifering. Fr. insists the party bring news of this to the island’s capital city, Saragost. The party fails to convince the townspeople to flee the coming invasion, but the parents of the rescued boys provide the location of Starkweather’s weapon…the deteriorated chuch.


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