Loot 4 26 2012


XP – with full party kill, all are knocked back down to 500 xp. After death is reversed, the party earns 750 xp, bringing grand total to 1250 xp each.

Stats: finding the next nexus/resurrection stone area, gains the party one point of stat increase of their choice.

Gold: 4,440 (includes 1,000 gp per char reward from Saragost town council)

Saragost half plate with city crest on it…worth 600 gp but may be able to return for reward to someone in city.

Net grand total of all gold and sold items so far, is 2,255 gp for each char. Saragost is big enought to have items available for sale to the characters, for outfitting.


Loot 4 26 2012

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