Drow Wars....

Episode 3

Searching the ruined church, the party finds the weapon of Starkweather John, an adamantine halberd, in tune with Pandora. Swinging by the miller on the way out of town, the smug ruffians let slip that the ghost in the mine had a slit throat, only knowable if he was there when the tax collector was killed. Father Bronson urged the party to find the evidence and bring Jim Oakenbow to justice. Searching the mine, the party found the body of the tax collector. Father summoned the constable, who asked that the party accompany him to take Jim into custody, alive. Dropping Jim with a Color Spray, and a henchmen with a well placed sneak attack, the two other ruffians surrendered, and the tax collectors loot was found after triggering a nail trap, proof that Jim was involved in his murder. With the constable taking the two into custody, and releasing the two that cooperated, the party left town to travel to Saragost, to warn of the impending invasion. On the way there, they encountered an overturned wagon, with a lady in distress. Noticing the wagon was not accidentally overturned, the party suspected a trap, and the woman and two men that were hiding, took off running. Catching up to the two men, Shake and Pandora tackled them. Shake grappled his into unconsciousness, and Domo Mind Thrusted the one Pandora tackled to within an inch of his life…only to stabilize him to keep him from dieing. Finding a wanted poster for these men in their belongings, the party decides to take them to the next town they find to turn these highwaymen over to the authorities.



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