Drow Wars....

Episode 1/2

The party combats four shadowy creatures that appear as they leave the standing stones. Travelling to the nearby town, they find no clues to the whereabouts of the sword, but find a set of parents searching for their lost boys. Looking for the boys, the party ends up in an abandoned mine, which contains hobgoblins, and the lost boys. Rescuing the boys and killing the hobgoblins, the party finds another passageway, leading to a crafted cavern and steps, and a scroll containing instructions for a coming invasion. After defeating an enlarged, invisible dark dwarf, the party returns to town, bringing the boys back to their parents and the the scroll to Fr. Bronson, the local cleric, for decifering. Fr. insists the party bring news of this to the island’s capital city, Saragost. The party fails to convince the townspeople to flee the coming invasion, but the parents of the rescued boys provide the location of Starkweather’s weapon…the deteriorated chuch.



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