Drow Wars....

Epi 4 - Ankeg Antipathy, or...does this choker make me look fat?

Arriving at the next town of Lichgate, the party wakes the local constable, Apple Winehouse, and turns in the two highwaymen for the bounty. Providing her the warning about the coming invasion, she wakes the town council. Before they can convene, an ankeg bursts up into the town square. Bravely slowing it down with a tanglefoot bag, and piercing it with his rapier, Mac takes a major bite from the beast, killing him in one blow. After killing it, and finding what could be more evidence of the coming horde, a hand crossbow bolt that may be poisoned, Shake and Pandora return Mac to the stones to be resurrected. Domo remains behind to interface with the town council, who, despite a well placed charm, do not seem intent on moving quick to save their people. Domo also checks out a sheep problem for Apple, finding a well that has dead carcases in it. Returning with the resurrected Mac, Pandora is lowered into the well, only to be dropped by her teamates, and pounced upon by a choker. After being pulled out of the well, they lower her for a second attempt, and, thanks to a mind thrust from Domo and a well placed arrow from Apple, the choker is defeated. Finding some loot, but having almost exhausted their spells for the day, they retreat to the farmhouse for breakfast.



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