Drow Wars....

Ep 6 - ouch

On the last leg to Saragost, the party comes upon a wagon being attacked by an ogre and four goblins. Trying to save the lone survivor, the party ends up all on the ground, with Pandora dead from a 21 hit point whack by the ogre, save Mac, the smokin’ rogue, who kites the ogre to within an inch of his life, only to be felled by the ogre as it drops below zero. With the entire party out, the merchant stabilizes Domo, and Mac stabilizes on his own. The merchant coup de gras’s the bad guys, and the party recovers, only to move their horses from their carriage to the wagon, as its a shipment of arms for Saragost. Taking their dead companion along, they make their way to Saragost, and are met by a helpful captain of the guard, who escorts them into the city, only to be trapped in an ambush. With one party member already dead, Shake’ is knocked unconscious with a drow bolt, Mac is felled by the captain/traitor, and Domo by an archer…TOTAL PARTY WIPEOUT ! Luckily for the party, the goth druid Vas sees the end of the combat, and where the bodies are dumped. She recovers the bodies and takes them to the sewers, where another set of resurrection stones is located. All brought back to life, and all first level again, the party fortunately losses no items in the process. They make their way to the council, and an audience with council members proves productive, as they convince them of the coming invasion, and of Captain Serverin’s treachery. Martial law is declared, the traitorous captain put to death, and they send out troops to reinforce the other towns. They ask the party to look in on three settlements that they have lost contact with recently, and Vas asks the party to take out a settlement of goblins nearby. The party troomps out to the goblin camp, cautiously taking them out.



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