Drow Wars....

Ep 5 - Rush to Saragost

Managing to kill another choker at the farm house, an impasioned plea to Lichgate’s council convinces them that they need to prepare/evacuate. Receiving little useful help from Apple/Snapple Winehouse, who noone on the island has ever heard of, they move on to Scumsgrove, where they convince the Guild of Merchants to make preparations. On the road to Saragost, next they come to Churney on the Green, where they encounter a pierced elf with wolf companion, and defeat a worg who attacked that wolf. Somewhat gaining her confidence, the party convinces her of the impending invasion, and she offers to craft a Belt of Healing at cost for the party, to be sent on to a secret drop location at Saragost. Finally getting a chance to rest after the choker debacle, the party heals up and memorizes spells, to get on the road again to Hockton Barrow, where their tournament is ongoing. Mac and Domo enter the tournament, with Domo advancing to the last round. Pandora challenges a suspicious character that wins the contest, cheating in the process, but, receiving no backup, is dropped by a Sleep spell, and the suspcicious character escapes. Arrested for attacking the bad guy (what is this, America?!) she explains the situation to the constable, who releases her, and the party convinces the town to prepare for the invasion. Wasting no time, the party gets back on the road again, in their Ankeg part pimped out carriage, to Saragost. Having left Bronce three days ago, they are almost to the capital, well ahead of the 10 day invasion.



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